The Jazz Singer (1927)

Production during the roaring 1920s was a comfortable ebb and flow. Backlots baked in the Los Angeles heat and glistened with global stars. Directors and writers turned out films by the month. The Golden Age of cinema was on the horizon. But studio giants, some still standing and others vanished except in passing credits, would […]

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Napoleon (1927)

Abel Gance was a visionary director with huge ambitions, excessive running times and lavish production values to faithfully create an expansive vision. Like Stroheim before him and Michael Cimino after, Gance was to be condemned with aspirations and demands greater than what many would dare risk. In 1927, Gance’s latest picture Napoleon premiered, but soon […]

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Greed (1924)

Cinematic masterpieces never see the light of a projector for three prominent reasons. Carelessness, as in the fire which consumed sword and sandal epic Cleopatra (1917). Untimely death, as in auteur Orson Welles unfinished The Other Side of the Wind. Studio intervention, as in the case of Greed. Stroheim’s quintessential masterpiece is praised by critics and film lovers alike, […]

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Foolish Wives (1922)

Foolish Wives is a tale of a con artist (Stroheim) posing as Russian nobility and his attempts to seduce an American diplomat’s wife (Miss Dupont). This is the vision of director Erich Von Stroheim whose career would become synonymous with extravagance. The greatest asset and limitation of the master was his unwavering eye for detail, an attribute which […]

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