Scarface (1932)

Another chaotic day of shooting Scarface wrapped and Ben Hecht wearily retired to his L.A. hotel room. What he wanted was peace, what he got was two henchmen demanding to know why he wrote a film about Capone. Hecht assured them he didn’t and that ‘if you call the movie Scarface, people will think it’s […]

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Love Me Tonight (1932)

Music has been the backbone of the cinema experience since Méliès visited the moon. Live pianists acted as soundtrack, from lightheartedly accompanying The Tramp’s adventures, to striking a dagger-like chord in Nosferatu. But The Jazz Singer changed everything as it synchronised the act with the beat. Ingenious filmmakers discovered ever more inspiring ways to wield […]

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Me and My Gal (1932)

Have you ever had that moment after walking away from a heated debate, or lying in bed long after a discussion ended, and the perfect one liner pops in your head? That moment doesn’t exist in screwball comedy land. A time in filmmaking when physical gags were gunned down by quick fire dialogue. A place […]

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Shanghai Express (1932)

On a train barreling through Civil-War-torn China, a country thick with spies, backstabbing and danger, a great cinematic beauty emerges into her limelight. To witness this entrance is an ex-lover, the dashing Captain ‘Doc’ Harvey (Clive Brook). Line after line of verbal foreplay could roll forever without end until she moves to check mate – […]

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Boudu Save From Drowning (1932)

Renoir once said ‘A director only makes one film in his life. Then he breaks it into pieces and makes it again’. The Bitch was a jigsaw puzzle comprised of cold blue class cynicism, red hot infidelity, and shameful shades of black moral turpitude. Boudu Saved From Drowning is a assembled from these pieces, but […]

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Freaks (1932)

It was early in the Golden Age of cinema when screenwriter Willis Goldbeck crossed the MGM backlot to the home of Hollywood tycoon Irving Thalberg. Goldbeck was welcomed with a copy of the short story ‘Spurs’ and instructions to make the adaption ‘horrible’. After a quick turn over, Golbeck was once again summoned to the […]

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