Trouble In Paradise (1932)

Rom-com is an ugly word. It groaningly prods memories of insipid ‘will they won’t they’ scenarios resolving unsurprisingly. It is not that this premise can not work, it becomes formula because it works far too well, but without disguising this format, the mantra ‘opposites attract’ is laid blatantly on show and leaves little interest in […]

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Vampyr (1932)

Horror films have transformed an awful lot since the 1920 appearance of the great granddaddy The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari. Now, as we settle down with a box of popcorn, the lights yawn to darkness and the projector flickers to life, we ready our mental checklist; sudden bangs, creepy music, evil incarnate and blood by […]

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M (1931)

Evening news harks the same catastrophes and human atrocities night after night. Terrorism, racial hatred, political corruption, and murder. Instantaneous internet uploads of brutal images on a twenty four seven basis has led to nothing but a melancholy cacophony. But when a killer is loose, especially one who’s modus operandi is child victims, the world […]

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