Limite (1931)

Limite has shown me my seemingly limitless capabilities of procrastination. The prospect of reviewing this visual puzzle unnerved me. Compounded, no doubt, by its praise as the Un Chien Andalou of Latino Cinema. Buñuel’s short is purposefully and immediately surreal. An eye sliced by a straight razor. Hands crawling with ants. Impossible geography. Limite is a […]

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The Bitch (1931)

SPOILERS Jean Renoir is a name you either know from his films or have almost certainly encountered from current directors discussing inspirations. La Chienne or The Bitch is the first inclusion of Renoir’s work, his second sound feature, and an indispensable glimpse at a blossoming French perspective. In his own words ‘A director only makes […]

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The Million (1931)

The lively Parisian district of Les Halles impressed upon young Rene Clair a picturesque image of Paris he would equally impress upon celluloid. Equipped with a degree in philosophy and the horrors of the front line of World War I, Clair harboured an disparate understanding of man’s capabilities. The far left of proud found thought […]

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Frankenstein (1931)

The word Frankenstein is as synonymous to fog choked graveyards, lightening scorched corpses, bolts protruding sickly green skin and burning windmills as bees to honey. In equally gloomy surroundings, Mary Shelley devised an ultimate mythology of Man playing God. The 1931 adaption by Universal is one of the earliest but far from a simple page […]

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Freedom For Us (1931)

Film is a format of possibility able to represent reality starkly as the Lumiere brothers originally intended, or distort the world into Méliès magic. I remember first setting my eyes on the fabulous destiny of Amelie unfolding in a Paris of impossibility on an Earth that doesn’t exist. Jean-Pierre Jeunet recreated life on his terms. […]

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