To infinity….

Welcome to 1001: A Film Odyssey.

A site dedicated to reviewing the most acclaimed and inventive cinematic masterpieces to have graced the silver screen during the medium’s short life span. Though an art form still in infancy, cinema has been home to grand spectacles beyond our world and intimate moments which touch our heart.

This is a site for film fanatics written by a film fanatic. The comprehensive list of 1001 films grows every year, thanks to both incredible new releases and the re-evaluation of older pieces of cinema. So, in some sense, this is a journey which may never be complete due to the further problem of taste. In this respect, some films are missing from the list which have been a huge influence on me and the way in which I think about cinema and will be included on the list. Why not? I encourage any contact to be made with suggestions of further cult films which may be missing. This is a celebration.

1001: A Film Odyssey is for those new to film, those searching for great and esoteric movie experiences or a film buff reading to expand their already gargantuan knowledge. So, each post will be infused with interesting facts and terminology to help fully expand upon the importance of each piece. Simply, I want you to enjoy cinema and feel the passion it excites in me.

So let’s begin.

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